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About Our Company

About Our Company

TERRA NOVA DIGITAL AUDIO, INC. was established in 1990 by Jerry and Diane Tubb in Austin, Texas. Jerry, being an accomplished musician, educator, and recording professional, saw the need for a professional audio mastering and editing studio to provide services previously unavailable regionally. Terra Nova was the first of its kind in the central Texas area, and has been totally committed to providing the services our clients need to fulfill their creative visions and to bring their projects to a complete professional level. Through the evolution of Terra Nova, the client list has grown to grand proportions, and the commitment to high quality continues, the same as the day the business began.

The mastering process is an essential step for a polished, professional product.  The sound is everything.  This high tech digital age has elevated the "ears" of the average listener to a high level of sophistication.  The average listener may not be able to measure exactly why one CD sounds better than another, but they know there is a difference. Sonic quality is our main concern. Our engineers have exceptional abilities at analyzing the sonic quality of audio productions.  We are specialists at getting the best results for our client's recordings.  We have mastered virtually every genre of music and spoken word, and our engineers are also experts at archiving and restoration. 

When a client has completed the recording and mixing of a project, the mastering process is the next step toward a complete professional sound. When a client contacts Terra Nova about scheduling a session, they will need to tell the staff the final mix format, the length of the project (in minutes), the number of tracks, the format the project will be mastered for (i.e., DVD Surround , CD, or vinyl duplication).  It is helpful if the client knows his/her goals for their particular project, whether they are planning to sell CD's or DVD’s to the public, for promotional or demo purposes, to get a record label interested, or for the client's own enjoyment.  Having this information when contacting Terra Nova to set up a session will enable the staff to give an estimate of the time and money that will be involved. The client can then plan a budget.

Our staff is always ready to provide our clients with the best, most professional  service that they deserve. We are here to help our clients realize their full potential as artists.  

Terra Nova Digital Audio, Inc moved into new facilities in July of 2002. The new studio is located about 8 miles west of downtown Austin, Texas, in the Oak Hill area.  Our new location is easily accessible from all areas , major freeways, and about 20 minutes from the airport. Our facilities provide a spacious, comfortable, and relaxed atmosphere for the clients. We have two mastering suites, including complete DVD surround mastering capabilities. We are just minutes from restaurants and overnight accommodations

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