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Company Policies

Company Policies

Business Office Hours

  • Monday - Thursday 10:30 am - 5:00 pm
  • Friday - 10:30 am - 3:30 pm
  • Closed Saturday and Sunday
  • The studio is closed for all major holidays.

Session Scheduling

  • Attended Sessions:  By Appointment Only, for morning, afternoon, and evening sessions.
    ** (Clients are urged to call and check availability of dates and times at least two weeks in advance). Talk to Diane or Mary for scheduling.  
  • Drop Off or Pick Up Project: Regular business office hours with prior notification… Please.
  • Projects By Mail:  Contact our staff and discuss project prior to mailing.


  • Payment for services rendered is due and payable at the completion of that project. Please make your own arrangements with the party responsible for payment prior to your session. No masters or completed projects will be released until payment is made to Terra Nova in full. 
  • Projects by mail must be paid for by credit card only.
  • We accept: Visa / MC / AMEX / Discover / cash / checks (personal, company, or cashier’s) and money orders. No out of state or temporary checks accepted.  
  • Checks should be made payable to:  Terra Nova Digital Audio, Inc. 
  • For international transactions, only Visa or MasterCard is accepted. No exceptions.
  • Return checks:  A service charge of $25 will be charged for insufficient funds checks. Cashiers checks, cash, or money orders will be the only acceptable form of payment in the event of an insufficient funds check. The insufficient funds check total, plus the $25 service charge will be due and payable immediately upon notification of  the problem. Insufficient funds checks that are not resolved within 5 days of notification to the client, will be turned over to a collection agency.          
  • Jerry and Diane Tubb set the fees for services at Terra Nova. Client may not approach other staff or employees about fees and service rates.

Shipping and Handling

  • All completed projects that are sent to the client from Terra Nova must be paid for in advance by credit card only. The client assumes full liability and payment for any materials sent to or from Terra Nova Digital Audio, Inc. via any form of shipping or courier company. The client may request that materials be shipped or sent by Terra Nova Digital Audio, Inc. and the client is responsible for payment of the shipping and handling charges and is reflected as one rate on the final invoice. The handling charges are added to shipping company rates, US Mail rates, and courier rates. The shipping and handling rates vary according to the requirements of the client and the rates of the shipping company that the client chooses. It is in the client's best interest to choose a shipper that offers tracking numbers, insurance, and other services that assure the client of delivery of the project in tact to and from Terra Nova. If the client has an account with a shipping company, please give your account number to Terra Nova Please inform Terra Nova if you wish insurance or any additional services regarding your shipping.
  • Terra Nova will NOT ship client masters directly to manufacturing. The client must proof their masters to assure that the masters are free from defects, etc, before sending to the manufacturing plant.

     LIABILITY WAIVER : It is the client's responsibility to follow up on their projects shipped TO Terra Nova. Terra Nova  accepts NO LIABILITY and is in No way responsible for shipping from the client to Terra Nova.           

Privacy Policy

  • Client information : Any and All personal information, credit card numbers, contact info, etc.  given to Terra Nova by the client, remains completely confidential to our company.


  • We encourage clients to schedule a consultation with an engineer about your project. Regular hourly rates apply - 30 minute minimum charge.

Archival of mastered projects

  • For a fee of $25, we will back up the mastered version of client project. This is a choice you make at the end of the session. We back up the mastered version on DVD data discs.
    This is very important : The person, label, company,  paying for the mastering of the project is the ONLY person that can request additional masters, make any changes to the master, or request Terra Nova to destroy that data for that project.

Estimates and Quotes

  • The client may request an estimate for services. The client may also request a written quote or estimate for a project. An estimate is exactly that ...an estimate, and the client understands that there are variables that can affect the estimate. A written quote is exactly what we will charge the client. All estimates and quotes will be given by Diane Tubb or Mary Cooke. Associate or contract engineers are not to give estimates.

Deposits on Sessions

  • A deposit is required when scheduling an attended session at Terra Nova. Diane or Mary will give you the details when you contact us for booking information.

Rush Fees

  • A "Rush Fee" may be applied to projects that are needed "ASAP". ASAP is defined as: SAME DAY as the client calls in or drops off a project. Our engineers are always scheduled with other projects that clients have booked time in advance, so adding another project to their schedule is determined by their availability after they have completed their scheduled sessions. The "Rush Fee" is determined by the engineer. Expect a rush fee if you have last minute, same day projects.

Liability Waiver

  • TERRA NOVA DIGITAL AUDIO, INC. is not responsible, and will not accept any liability for any costs paid or incurred by anyone for the duplication, replication, or copies of CD or DVD masters made by Terra Nova Digital Audio, Inc. Due to the fact the we have no control after the masters leave our business premises, we can only advise the clients as to the care and proofing of masters. The client is solely responsible for the choice of companies or individuals used for duplication, replication or any reproduction of their masters, as well as the costs incurred for those services.

These policies are the policies of Terra Nova Digital Audio, Inc. If the client has questions regarding any other policies, please contact Diane Tubb.  

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