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We have mastered over 13,000 projects since 1990, and with the growing number of clients, we have arranged the lists into a more manageable, detailed, and searchable data base for you. You will find repeats of a few, as some projects fall into several categories.

All the info that the client provides for us on each project has been included, but if you have more info on a project that you have done with us, please let us know and we will add that info. 

All projects mastered by Jerry Tubb except those followed by (*) mastered by Nick Landis

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Client List from 2010 - 2006
2013: First Quarter
Artist Client Label Album Title
Nolan Bryan Nolan Bryan Indy Nolan Bryan *
Danny Crada Danny Crada Indy Leavin' You Love *
Mike Runnells Mike Runnells Indy The Way I Love You *
Basvra Jason Klann Indy Basvra
Reed Turner Reed Turner Indy Ghosts In The Attic
Pretty Little Blisters Marc Nobles Indy Placebo
Brazos Stone Colby Schwartz Indy No Labels *
Craig Franklin Craig Franklin Indy Sunrise Again *
Bedrock Music Vol. 2 Jan Mirkin Bedrock Music Bedrock Music Vol. 2
Amanda Mora Amanda Mora Indy Awaiting The Sound *
Larry Lange Larry Lange Indy Dance Dreams Vol. 1
Gigantalope Kody Karnei Indy The Buffalo Girl *
Joel McColl Joel McColl Indy Return of Bosco Martin
Nick Verzosa Nick Verzosa Tiyaga Music Live at Thirsty Armadillo *
Aiden Kross Vicki Holmes Evenbreak Records Letting Go *
Andy Hawk Andy Hawk Indy Sorta Kinda Maybe
Jay Statham Jay Statham Indy Jay Statham *
Dancia Matt Herwig Indy So I Cry
Parker McCollum Parker McCollum Indy A Red Town View
Kris Collins Kris Collins Indy Whiskey & Cigars*
Austin Lounge Lizards Conrad Deisler Indy Home and Deranged
Brian Patterson Brian Patterson Indy A Short Century *
Eric Wilson Walt Wilkins Indy New Leaf
James Bullard Louis Messina Indy Shine
Kenny Harrell Kenny Harrell Indy Reckless *
Explosions in the Sky David Wingo Indy Prince Avalanche OST
Carson Brock Carson Brock Indy Finding Frames
Max Frost Russell Steele The Vault Max Frost
Iron Felix Jeff Greene Indy Red Flags
Traffic Lee Tim Moore Track Majors In Traffic We Trust *
Connor Oakley Connor Oakley Indy The Saving Grace *
Darren Flowers Darren Flowers Pantheon Records Darren Flowers *
Amber Digby Tracy Pitcox Heart of Texas Records The World You're Living In *
Jeff Chance Sam Lee Music Master Between the Sheets
Buster Jiggs Scott Muennick Indy Dirty Little Secrets
Josh Stone Josh Stone Low Budget Records Two Headed Monster *
Miss LaVelle White Marcia Ball Indy Live at Antone's
Ben Sullivan Ben Sullivan Indy Mercy *
The Southern Strangers Tommy Baird Indy Reckless Ways *
Joe King Carrasco Joe King Carrasco Anaconda Records Tiaquepaque
Sun Salutation David Robinson Indy Something Sacred *
Mark Little Mark Little Indy Kindred Spirits
Aaron Ashton Aaron Ashton Opera House Music Krypol Haze *
Keith McCoy Mary Minter Indy Like It Is
Jed Zimmerman Mark McKinney Mad Jack Records Jed Zimmerman
Raquel Cepeda Raquel Cepeda Peonia Music I'm Confessin'
Funkenstein & Friends Eli Funkenstein Indy 6th & Congress *
Waterloo Revival George Birge Indy Little Lightning
David Zyle David Zyle Indy Lead Me On
David Zyle David Zyle Indy Les Yeux
Allan Walker Allan Walker Indy Brooke Rebellion *
Georgette Jones Tracy Pitcox Heart of Texas Records Till I Can Make It On My Own *
The O's John Young Indy Thunderdog
Kenneth Bryant Tim Moore Indy K-Beezy-I Am Forever *
Greezy Wheels Cleve Hattersley Indy Kitty Cat Jesus
Rosie and the Ramblers Selena Rosanbalm Indy The Tour
Sour Bridges Dalton Chamblee Indy Catfish Charlie
The Fox Derby Michael Buttaccio Indy Life Apart
Ransom Rhodes Eric Delagard Indy First Time
Spirit Runners Kate McLennan Spirit Runners Music Choose Love *
Adan Davilla Adan Davilla Indy Snake Charmer
Danny Everitt Danny Everitt Indy Acoustic Souvenir
Ron Flynt Ron Flynt Indy Go To The Window
Sky Crowe William Crowe Indy Gypsy Trails
Keith Fiala Keith Fiala Indy Messages From The Other Side
Rodeo Queen Chase VanHaselen Indy Goodness Gracious
Nikitakis Alexia Angeliki Indy Nikitakis
Casey Ogbaa Casey Ogbaa Tre Pound Entertainment Road II Riches *
Grievous Angels Libby Koch Indy The Grievous Angels
Dame Playing In Traffic Playing In Traffic Records For Grey's Anatomy *
KUTX Live Vol. 1 Jeff McCord KUTX Radio KUTX Live Vol. 1
Kevin Jones Kevin Jones Indy Bathtub Gin
The Gorgeous Hands Chris Galis Indy The Gorgeous Hands *

* Mastered by Nick Landis; all other projects mastered by Jerry Tubb

Artist: Joe King Carrasco

Client: Joe King Carrasco

Label: Anaconda Records

Title: Tiaquepaque
Artist: Carson Brock

Client: Carson Brock

Label: Indy

Title: Finding Frames
Artist: Greezy Wheels

Client: Cleve Hattersley

Label: Indy

Title: Kitty Cat Jesus
Artist: Georgette Jones

Client: Tracy Pitcox

Label: Heart of Texas Records

Title: Till I Can Make It On My Own *
Artist: Austin Lounge Lizards

Client: Conrad Deisler

Label: Indy

Title: Home and Deranged
Artist: Andy Hawk

Client: Andy Hawk

Label: Indy

Title: Sorta Kinda Maybe
Artist: Waterloo Revival

Client: George Birge

Label: Indy

Title: Little Lightning
Artist: Spirit Runners

Client: Kate McLennan

Label: Spirit Runners Music

Title: Choose Love *
Artist: Ransom Rhodes

Client: Eric Delagard

Label: Indy

Title: First Time
Artist: Rosie and the Ramblers

Client: Selena Rosanbalm

Label: Indy

Title: The Tour
Artist: Rodeo Queen

Client: Chase VanHaselen

Label: Indy

Title: Goodness Gracious
Artist: The O's

Client: John Young

Label: Indy

Title: Thunderdog
Artist: Raquel Cepeda

Client: Raquel Cepeda

Label: Peonia Music

Title: I'm Confessin'
Artist: Bedrock Music Vol. 2

Client: Jan Mirkin

Label: Bedrock Music

Title: Bedrock Music Vol. 2
Artist: Nick Verzosa

Client: Nick Verzosa

Label: Tiyaga Music

Title: Live at Thirsty Armadillo *
Artist: Amanda Mora

Client: Amanda Mora

Label: Indy

Title: Awaiting the Sound *
Artist: Traffic Lee

Client: Tim Moore

Label: Track Majors

Title: In Traffic We Trust *
Artist: Mark Little

Client: Mark Little

Label: Indy

Title: Kindred Spirits
Artist: Amber Digby

Client: Tracy Pitcox

Label: Heart of Texas Records

Title: The World You're Living In *
Artist: The Southern Strangers

Client: Tommy Baird

Label: Indy

Title: Reckless Ways *
Artist: Aiden Kross

Client: Vicki Holmes

Label: Evenbreak Records

Title: Letting Go *
Artist: James Bullard

Client: Louis Messina

Label: Indy

Title: Shine


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