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We have mastered over 13,000 projects since 1990, and with the growing number of clients, we have arranged the lists into a more manageable, detailed, and searchable data base for you. You will find repeats of a few, as some projects fall into several categories.

All the info that the client provides for us on each project has been included, but if you have more info on a project that you have done with us, please let us know and we will add that info. 

All projects mastered by Jerry Tubb except those followed by (*) mastered by Nick Landis

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Client List from 2010 - 2006
2012: Second Quarter
Artist Client Label Album Title
Brady Davis Brady Davis Indy Life and Death *
Steven Sterner Steven Sterner Mesa Records Northern Lights
Ethereal Architect David Glass Indy Monolith *
LA Snacks Robert Segovia/td> Foolish Boy Records 3-Song Promo *
Radio Fallout Caleb Scates Defeat the Squares Lux e Tenebris *
The Midnight Ghost Train Steve Moss Indy Buffalo
Gregg Rolie Gregg Rolie Indy Live at the Iridium
Zach Edwards Zach Edwards Indy Texas Country Aggie War Hymm *
Billy Goert Billy Goert Indy Party Bus
Smooth Sailing Jas Noweski Indy Vibing *
Hannah Williams Hannah Williams The Moon Records Bare Bones *
The Aaron Clift Experiment Aaron Clift Indy Lonely Hills
Danny Malone Danny Malone Indy Balbons
The Greater Good Jason Kottwitz Indy The Greater Good
Brandon Rhyder Brandon Rhyder Indy Shine
Marilyn Rucker Marilyn Rucker Indy Interstellar Pirate Queen
K. David Johnson K. David Johnson Indy Memories of Brazil
Loudfinger Loudfinger Indy Heavy Metal Thunder
Gabriel Santiago Gabriel Santiago Indy Alive *
Far From Since When Kevin Hernandez Indy To Feel *
Michele Alany Michele Alany Indy Nefresh *
Ginger Doss Ginger Doss Indy From Love to Love
Mary Beth Walmsley Mary Walmsley Indy The Only Home I've Ever Known *
Dos Gringos Rob Raymond Viber Driver Prod. El Quatro V2 *
Lannie Flowers Alan Davis Aaron Ave. Records New Songs Old Stories *
J. Rodney Dunn J. Rodney Dunn Indy West of the Concho *
Aaron Einhouse Aaron Einhouse Indy Hello Road
The Well Ian Graham Indy Act 2 / Trepass *
Lost Creek Brendan Weatherman Indy Lost Creek *
Hot Texas Swing Band Alex Dormont Indy Hot Texas Swing Band
Joey McGee Joey McGee Indy Love Is The Way *
Susan Torres Susan Torres Indy Susan Torres y Canjunto Clemencia
Jimmy Duran Fito Kahn ISMS Records Dreams Do Come True *
Placid Blue Jean Kenny Indy Beneath Your Sky
Lennings Jason Silverberg Heynicevest Inside *
Navasota String Band Mateo Clark Indy With Friends *
Catie Offerman Catie Offerman Indy Should've Made Me Stay
Ellen Wall & David Booth Chris Kip Indy Vindication Song *
Mellisa Sellers Ryan Rader Deep South Prod. Turn Me Loose *
James Reneav Scott Compton Blade Studios Peace in a Song *
Cody Hodges & The Linemen Cody Hodges Indy Boys of the River *
Josh Halvorson Josh Halvorson Indy One Shot
The Gorgeous Hands Chris Galis Axis Prod. Swear To Me *
J.J. Essen Vicki Holmes Evenbreak Records Full Circle *
Aiden Kross Vicki Holmes Evenbreak Records The Same Time *
Buster Jiggs Scott Muennink Indy Soul Like a Rocket *
Robert Parish Robert Parish Indy Navigator
Strangelove Colin de los Santos Indy Strangelove *
Christy Hays Roy Taylor Indy Drought *
Van Sanchez Todd Landrum Indy Hubris
Shannon Lee Nelson Shannon Lee Nelson Indy Love Songs & Done Wrongs
Hilst and Coffey Tim Coffey Indy The Lonely Grange Sessions *
John Edward Bauman John Bauman Indy West Texas Vernacular
Little Brave Stephanie Briggs Indy Wild
The Dime Store Poets Billy Mutschler Indy Summer's Not the Same *
Waldo & The Naturals John Wittenmyer Indy Silver Dash *
Russell Shores Russell Shores Indy Breezin'
Mama Tried Ryan Beard Indy 29 Rusty Strings *
Sheer Kahn & Space Case Kasey Jaime Indy Tropical Space Funk *
Jeff Matey Jeff Matey Indy Time Doesn't Wait
The Encounter Project Bryan Chenautt Indy The Encounter Project V2 *
Roy Head Sam Lee Indy Roy Head
Marghi Allen Marghi Allen Indy Nobody's Woman
J. Michael Laferty Michael Laferty Indy Hot Sun, Cool Water, Sandy Boots
Adam Brisban Adam Brisban Indy Madrid *
Sanctus Bellum Justin Waggoner Indy The Shining Path
The River Has Many Voices Matthew Payne Indy I We Us Are Was Were Is *
Maybe Bluffin' Randy Pavlock Indy Randy Pavlock & Twenty Four Seven
Destroyer of Light Steve Colca Indy Destroyer of Light *
Pony Express Ministry Bruce Repka Indy God Ain't Religious *
James Napier James Napier Indy A Colorful Mind *
Wally Lee Walter Andrews Indy Dust On Rust *
Tyrone Vaughn Tyrone Vaughn Indy Guitar Son *
Leticia Rodriguez Leticia Rodriguez Indy La Americana
Crystal Swanson Crystal Swanson Indy More Than Just One Way
Thick Tread Gary Laney Indy From the Neck Up *
Lord Josh Stone Indy Praise the Lord *
Greg Mullen Greg Mullen Indy Greg Mullen

* Mastered by Nick Landis; all other projects mastered by Jerry Tubb

Artist: Aaron Einhouse

Client: Aaron Einhouse

Label: Indy

Title: Hello Road
Artist: Marilyn Rucker

Client: Marilyn Rucker

Label: Indy

Title: Interstellar Pirate Queen
Artist: Hannah Williams

Client: Hannah Williams

Label: The Moon Records

Title: Bare Bones *
Artist: Wally Lee

Client: Walter Andrews

Label: Indy

Title: Dust On Rust *
Artist: Jimmy Duran

Client: Fito Kahn

Label: ISMS Records

Title: Dreams Do Come True *
Artist: Leticia Rodriguez

Client: Leticia Rodriguez

Label: Indy

Title: La Americana
Artist: Hot Texas Swing Band

Client: Alex Dormont

Label: Indy

Title: Hot Texas Swing Band
Artist: Gregg Rolie

Client: Gregg Rolie

Label: Indy

Title: Live at the Iridium
Artist: Lannie Flowers

Client: Alan Davis

Label: Aaron Ave. Records

Title: New Songs Old Stories *
Artist: Thick Tread

Client: Gary Laney

Label: Indy

Title: From the Neck Up *
Artist: Cody Hodges & The Linemen

Client: Cody Hodges

Label: Indy

Title: Boys of the River *
Artist: Zach Edwards

Client: Zach Edwards

Label: Indy

Title: Texas Country Aggie War Hymm *
Artist: Sheer Kahn & Space Case

Client: Kasey Jaime

Label: Indy

Title: Tropical Space Funk *
Artist: Placid Blue

Client: Jean Kenny

Label: Indy

Title: Beneath Your Sky
Artist: The Midnight Ghost Train

Client: Steve Moss

Label: Indy

Title: Buffalo
Artist: Marghi Allen

Client: Marghi Allen

Label: Indy

Title: Nobody's Woman
Artist: Sanctus Bellum

Client: Justin Waggoner

Label: Indy

Title: The Shining Path
Artist: John Edward Bauman

Client: John Bauman

Label: Indy

Title: West Texas Vernacular
Artist: Steven Sterner

Client: Steven Sterner

Label: Mesa Records

Title: Northern Lights
Artist: Robert Parish

Client: Robert Parish

Label: Indy

Title: Navigator
Artist: J. Michael Laferty

Client: Michael Laferty

Label: Indy

Title: Hot Sun, Cool Water, Sandy Boots
Artist: Josh Halvorson

Client: Josh Halvorson

Label: Indy

Title: One Shot
Artist: K. David Johnson

Client: K. David Johnson

Label: Indy

Title: Memories of Brazil
Artist: Jeff Matey

Client: Jeff Matey

Label: Indy

Title: Time Doesn't Wait




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