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We have mastered over 13,000 projects since 1990, and with the growing number of clients, we have arranged the lists into a more manageable, detailed, and searchable data base for you. You will find repeats of a few, as some projects fall into several categories.

All the info that the client provides for us on each project has been included, but if you have more info on a project that you have done with us, please let us know and we will add that info. 

All projects mastered by Jerry Tubb except those followed by (*) mastered by Nick Landis

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Client List from 2010 - 2006
2015: Second Quarter
Artist Client Label Album Title
James Pardo James Pardo Dark Cloud Records American Lotus *
Dalton Domino Jill Hornbeck Sudden Reel Music 1806 *
KUTX Radio Live Vol. 5 Jeff McCord KUTX Radio KUTX Austin KUTX Live Vol. 5
Texas State Marching Band Dr. Beatty / Kyle Glaser Texas State University Texas State Marching Band *
Mason Ruffner Mason Ruffner Indy Aerial
Walt Wilkins Walt Wilkins Indy A Good Ramble 20 Years
Tony Howton Anthony Howton Indy Tony Howton / Southern Band *
Kristina Krause Kristina Krause Indy Inspired
Justin Harper Bowman Justin Bowman Indy Path Less Traveled
Chad Richard Chad Richard Indy Chad Richard
Michael O'Connor Michael O'Connor Indy Bloodshot Vagabond
Lucas Nelson & Promise of the Real Lucas Nelson Indy Something Real
Sunray Project Jason McKenzie Indy Sunray Project *
Kurt Kaiser Blue Rock Texas Indy Olde Carols
Andy Hawk & The Train Wreck Endings Andy Hawk Indy American Vertigo
April and Amy Amy Rankin Indy Kid's Songs
Preacher Keen Charlie Keen Indy Scattered Songs Sermons
The Greggs Val Link Indy Living Room Carpet *
Strahan & The Good Neighbors Doug Strahan Indy Strahan & The Good Neighbors
Billy Dee Donahue Billy Donahue Indy For Sale Sign *
Wonderbitch Alex Chad Indy Wonderbitch
Southern Blend Joe Warren Indy I'm Not Here *
Bonneville Country Pine Box Jim Teasdale Indy Always Gone
Only Human Jonas Wilson Indy Hug
Doc Mason Richard Mason Indy Hold Me When It Rains
Explosions in the Sky David Wingo Indy Manglehorn Movie Soundtrack
Cassie Rowan Evan Gemmel Indy Butterflies *
eBurner Evan Gemmel Indy Moments *
The Ragpicker String Band Mike Powers Yellow Dog The Ragpicker String Band
Robin Mordecai Fable Records Fable Records Here Goes Something *
Will T. Massey Will T. Massey Indy The Weathering *
Jazz Vakeen Jordan Knul Indy The King The Spade The Knight *
The Midnight Stroll Aaron Behrens Indy Losing My Mind
This Diamond Life Matt Grub / David Hoover Indy It Surrounds Us
Joe Ely Joe Ely Indy A Day's Lullaby
Chant Bradley Bills Indy Brave New Apocalypse *
Chaska Ray Flowers Indy Barbarians
Brandon Adams Brandon Adams Indy On Through The Night *
Suburban Slime Ben Mills Indy Suburban Slime *
Pipp Gillette Pipp Gillette Indy Singing Songs
Courtney Barnett Max Gregore Indy Don't Apply Compression Gently *
Randy Wayne Sitzler Randy Sitzler Indy Michigan Ave
Itz Quincy Robert Minor Indy TMI *
Zane Williams Zane Williams Indy Jayton and Jill *
Rachel Prichett Rachel Prichett Indy Wanderlust *
The John Davenport John Davenport Indy The John Davenport
Kyle Offidani Kyle Offidani Indy Trail Of Lights *
Carol Meyer Clay Meyer Indy Dusty Roads
Bill Reid / Fewer Sorrows Band William Reid Fewer Sorrows Records Double Lucky Blues *
Harbors Over Highways Kevin Anderson Indy Live at OQAC
Jefferson Clay Jefferson Clay Indy Jefferson Clay
Gemayel Gemayel Indy Gemayel
Patty Finney Patty Finney Indy Wanted
Daniel Ochoa AJ Vallejo VMG Who I Wanna Be *
Cary Bialac Cary Bialac Indy Friends of the Past
Geno Stroia Geno Stroia Indy Hoopie Do *
Eka Gogichashvili / Kae Ayer Baylor Univ. Music Department Indy Erwin Schulhoff Violin Music
Thomas Craig Elliott Thomas Elliott Indy She's Got Another Thing Coming *
Jim Stricklan Jim Stricklan Kokobilly Music Front Room Music Vol 2
Dr. Mikel Mike Longoria Indy Cantar y Leer *
Bruce Robison / Kelly Willis / Randy Rogers B. Robison Indy Bruce Robison / Kelly Willis / Randy Rogers
Jesse Jenkins Jesse Jenkins Indy Jesse
Bri Bagwell Lyndon Huges Indy When A Heart Breaks
Thomas Boccafogli Thomas Boccafogli Indy Slower Now *
Joe Ely Joe Ely Indy Panhandle Rambler
Eustolia De La Vega Ryan Rader Deep South Productions Canciones de Recuerdo *
Libido Torpedo Kevin Dunn Indy Tongue in Groove *
Blake Wharton Blake Wharton Indy Aversity and Me *
Hot Texas Swing Alex Dormant Indy Ain't Dead Yet
Logan Tucker Logan Tucker Indy Logan Tucker *

* Mastered by Nick Landis; all other projects mastered by Jerry Tubb

Artist: Mason Ruffner

Client: Mason Ruffner

Label: Indy

Title: Aerial
Artist: The Midnight Stroll

Client: Aaron Behrens

Label: Indy

Title: Losing My Mind
Artist: Bonneville Country Pine Box

Client: Jim Teasdale

Label: Indy

Title: Always Gone
Artist: Walt Wilkins

Client: Walt Wilkins

Label: Indy

Title: A Good Ramble 20 Years
Artist: Dalton Domino

Client: Jill Hornbeck

Label: Sudden Reel Music

Title: 1806 *
Artist: Joe Ely

Client: Joe Ely

Label: Indy

Title: A Day's Lullaby
Artist: Michael O'Connor

Client: Michael O'Connor

Label: Indy

Title: Bloodshot Vagabond
Artist: This Diamond Life

Client: Matt Grubb / David Hoover

Label: Indy

Title: It Surrounds Us
Artist: The Ragpicker String Band

Client: Mike Powers

Label: Yellow Dog

Title: The Ragpicker String Band
Artist: Kristina Krause

Client: Kristina Krause

Label: Indy

Title: Inspired
Artist: Justin Harper Bowman

Client: Justin Bowman

Label: Indy

Title: Path Less Traveled
Artist: Jazz Vakeen

Client: Jordan Knul

Label: Indy

Title: The King The Spade The Knight *
Artist: Hot Texas Swing

Client: Alex Dormant

Label: Indy

Title: Ain't Dead Yet
Artist: eBurner

Client: Evan Gemmel

Label: Indy

Title: Moments *
Artist: Doc Mason

Client: Richard Mason

Label: Indy

Title: Hold Me When It Rains
Artist: Bri Bagwell

Client: Lyndon Huges

Label: Indy

Title: When A Heart Breaks
Artist: Chant

Client: Bradley Bills

Label: Indy

Title: Brave New Apocalypse *
Artist: Andy Hawk & Train Wreck Endings

Client: Andy Hawk

Label: Indy

Title: American Vertigo
Artist: Geno Stroia

Client: Geno Stroia

Label: Indy

Title: Hoopie Do *
Artist: Thomas Craig Elliott

Client: Thomas Elliott

Label: Indy

Title: She's Got Another Thing Coming *
Artist: Explosions In The Sky / David Wingo

Client: David Wingo

Label: Indy

Title: Manglehorn Movie Soundtrack
Artist: Thomas Boccafogli

Client: Thomas Boccafogli

Label: Indy

Title: Slower Now *
Artist: Eustolia De La Vega

Client: Ryan Rader

Label: Deep South Productions

Title: Canciones de Recuerdo *


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