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We have mastered over 13,000 projects since 1990, and with the growing number of clients, we have arranged the lists into a more manageable, detailed, and searchable data base for you. You will find repeats of a few, as some projects fall into several categories.

All the info that the client provides for us on each project has been included, but if you have more info on a project that you have done with us, please let us know and we will add that info. 

All projects mastered by Jerry Tubb except those followed by (*) mastered by Nick Landis

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Client List from 2010 - 2006
2014: Third Quarter
Artist Client Label Album Title
Sumner Erickson Sumner Erickson Indy Tex Appeal
Trent Turner Trent Turner Indy Kickin' Some Ass
The Midnight Ghost Train Steve Moss Indy Cold Was The Ground
Residual Kid Dan Redman Indy Friday On My Mind
Jackie Myers Band Jackie Myers Indy THIRD! *
Mary Cutrufello Mary Cutrufello Indy Faithless World *
Jeremy O'Bannon Jeremy O'Bannon Indy Olivia
Dan Ruppa Dan Ruppa Oregano Records Farm Work *
Max Johnston Eric Jarvis Indy Dismantling Paradise *
Brady Beal Brady Beal Indy The Brady Beal EP
Ivory Gear John Wadleigh Indy Barfly *
Tori Vasquez Brando Records Brando Records Go Thank Yourself
Justin Furstenfeld Brando Records Brando Records Songs From An Open Book
Zirgue Bois d'Arc Zirgue Bois d'Arc Indy Things I Should've Done Before
Beat Bodega Bob Floyd Indy Up From The Bottom *
Sin City -A Dame To Kill Robert Rodriguez Indy Sin City -A Dame To Kill *
Thom Shepherd Thom Shepherd Indy Little Miss Everything
Tiffany and the Lump Charles Reyes Indy A Lot Of Nothing *
Brant Croucher Brant Croucher Indy Blanco County Lights
Austin Thomas Austin Brookner Indy Never 'Til It's Too Late *
Charlie and the Regrets Charlie Harrison Indy New Night *
Zac Wilkerson Walt Wilkins Indy Zac Wilkerson
Buck Lovett Vicki Holmes Evenbreak Records Hook It Up *
Lisa Litman Lisa Litman Indy You've Got A Way
Patrice Pike & Andrea Gibson John Bush Indy How About Now
Juke Joint Prophets Juke Joint Prophets Indy The Gospel of Groove
DC Bloom DC Bloom Indy Table Or Booth *
Plum Nelly Ernie Gammage Indy Ritz Radio Hour Jan 1975 *
Latin Brew Michael Rodriguez Indy Luna Llena
Jeremy Steding Jeremy Steding Indy My Own American Dream
Rooftop Kissers Brent Palmer Indy Rooftop Kissers *
Julian Acosta Julian Acosta Indy This Town *
Bayou Roux Ted Lee Indy Going Down To Louisiana
Tiffany Wolff Vicki Holmes Evenbreak Records Lovin' You *
Greg Whitfield Greg Whitfield Indy Welcome Home
Thomas Jenkins Thomas Jenkins Indy Parish Line
Lannie Flowers Aaron Ave Records Aaron Ave Records Best I Can *
Manco Mike Manco Indy The Great Wall
Chad McBride Chad McBride Indy Chad McBride & The Drifters *
Ron Flynt Ron Flynt Indy Go To The Window
Suspended Chords Band Jamie Provenzano Indy Suspended Chords *
Chad Brzozowski Chad Brzozowski Indy Iris Of Summer *
Marina Rocks Marina Rocks Indy Live at the Old Quarter *
Jeff Hellmer Trio UT Baylor School of Music Utexas Escape
Judy Painter / Rose Kimble Judy Painter Indy Goodnight Moon
Mike Ryan Jon Taylor Indy Putting Off Telling Me Goodbye *
Jimmy Fitch Jimmy Fitch Indy Jimmy Fitch *
The Willy Collins Band Willy Collins Indy Departures *
Ted Leo & The Pharmacists Max Gregor Indy FUN, FUN, FUN Fest *
Jinx McGee James McGee Indy Jinx McGee *
Eric Taylor Escudero Tomas Telles Indy We Were Young *
All ATX 2014 Randy Miller Odessy Prod British Invasion
The Whipples John Whipple Big Shell Prod The Jimmie *
Debbie Rule Debbie Rule Heart Of Texas Records Texas Girls *
Joe Teichman Joe Teichman Indy Backburner *
Riders Against The Storm Chaka Mahone Indy Booty Sweat *
Matt Robinson &The Jelly Kings Steve Power Indy Work That Jelly
Julian Acosta Julian Acosta Indy High 5 *
John Mills / Carmen Bradford John Mills Fable Records Invisible Designs
Parker McCollum Parker McCollum Indy The Limestone Kid
Beto & The Fairlanes Mike Mordecai Fable Records Merry Texmas
Trashy and The Kid Paul Greenmyer Indy Exactly The Wrong Idea *
Chums Kristin Astourian Indy Dear.... *
K. Astro Kristin Astourian Indy Holograph *
The Holy Child Robert Alarcon Indy The Holy Child *
KGSR Broadcasts Live # 22 Emmis Corp KGSR Radio KGSR Broadcasts Live # 22
Paul Keinarth Paul Keinarth Indy Fifty Year Bridge
J. Owen Jerry Owen Indy J. Owen
Mark Campbell Mark Campbell Indy Mach Bravo
Austin Meade Austin Meade Indy Chief of the Sinners *
Shawn David McMillen Shawn McMillen Indy On The Clock *
Charlie and the Regrets Charlie Harrison Indy New Night *
Dr. Joe Bryant Fito Kahn Indy Impassioned *

* Mastered by Nick Landis; all other projects mastered by Jerry Tubb

Artist: Sumner Erickson

Client: Sumner Erickson

Label: Indy

Title: Tex Appeal
Artist: The Midnight Ghost Train

Client: Steve Moss

Label: Indy

Title: Cold Was The Ground
Artist: Residual Kid

Client: Dan Redman

Label: Indy

Title: Friday On My Mind
Artist: Jeremy O'Bannon

Client: Jermey O'Bannon

Label: Indy

Title: Olivia
Artist: Tori Vasquez

Client: Brando Records

Label: Brando Records

Title: Go Thank Yourself
Artist: Jackie Myers Band

Client: Jackie Myers

Label: Indy

Title: THIRD! *
Artist: Max Johnston

Client: Eric Jarvis

Label: Indy

Title: Dismantling Paradise *
Artist: Justin Furstenfeld

Client: Brando Records

Label: Brando Records

Title: Songs From An Open Book
Artist: Beat Bodega

Client: Bob Floyd

Label: Indy

Title: Up From The Bottom *
Artist: Brant Croucher

Client: Brant Croucher

Label: Indy

Title: Blanco County Lights
Artist: Austin Thomas

Client: Austin Brookner

Label: Indy

Title: Never 'Til It's Too Late *
Artist: Zac Wilkerson

Client: Walt Wilkins

Label: Indy

Title: Zac Wilkerson
Artist: Juke Joint Prophets

Client: Juke Joint Prophets

Label: Indy

Title: The Gospel of Grooves
Artist: Latin Brew

Client: Michael Rodriguez

Label: Indy

Title: Luna Llena
Artist: Bayou Roux

Client: Ted Lee

Label: Indy

Title: Going Down To Louisiana
Artist: Thomas Jenkins

Client: Thomas Jenkins

Label: Indy

Title: Parish Line
Artist: Manco

Client: Mike Manco

Label: Indy

Title: The Great Wall
Artist: The Willy Collins Band

Client: Willy Collins

Label: Indy

Title: Departures *
Artist: Jeff Hellmer Trio

Client: UT Baylor School of Music

Label: Utexas

Title: Escape
Artist: Beto & The Fairlanes

Client: Mike Mordecai

Label: Fable Records

Title: Merry Texmas
Artist: Paul Keinarth

Client:Paul Keinarth

Label: Indy

Title: Fifty Year Bridge
Artist: Trashy and The Kid

Client: Paul Greenmyer

Label: Indy

Title: Exactly The Wrong Idea *
Artist: Judy Painter / Rose Kimble

Client: Judy Painter

Label: Indy

Title: Goodnight Moon
Artist: Matt Robinson & The Jelly Kings

Client: Steve Power

Label: Indy

Title: Work That Jelly


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