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We have mastered over 13,000 projects since 1990, and with the growing number of clients, we have arranged the lists into a more manageable, detailed, and searchable data base for you. You will find repeats of a few, as some projects fall into several categories.

All the info that the client provides for us on each project has been included, but if you have more info on a project that you have done with us, please let us know and we will add that info. 

All projects mastered by Jerry Tubb except those followed by (*) mastered by Nick Landis

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Client List from 2015 - 2011
2010: Fourth Quarter
Artist Client Label Album Title
KGSR Broadcasts #18 Emmis Corp KGSR Radio Broadcasts Live #18
Velvet Brick Rob Hinton Mesa Records Vices *
Miss Jeanie Lonnie Spiker Megalith Records Sweet Sarcastic *
Kevin Fowler Kevin Fowler Fowl Ball Ent. Best of… So Far
Shiny Empire Justin Marler Indy Sophia vs. World *
Theophany Brett McDonald Indy Night Is Darkest… *
Carrie Elkin Red House Records Red House Rec. Call It My Garden
Zlam Dunk Daniel Vega Indy Noble Ancestry *
KUT LIVE Jeff McCord KUT Radio KUT LIVE Vol. #9
Full Service Bonesaw Kepner Indy Roaming Dragons *
Clayton Wren John Morton Indy Call It Done
Quarter Call Patrick Reetz Indy Angry / Insane *
Breting Engel Breting Engel Indy 72
Zayra Paul Nugent Rainmaker / Brando Baby Likes To Bang *
Daydreamer Deborah Scheibler Indy Zion *
Arielle Nicole Arielle Nicole Indy This One's For You
Michael Anaya Michael Anaya Indy Fox and Crow *
Tom Arnold Tom Arnold Yellow Dog Redneck Ear Candy
Roadside Libby Andrew Van Winkle Indy Broke Down *
Larry Morrow Larry Morrow Whole Tone Rec. Around The Gulf *
Navaja Libre Juan Diaz Indy No Mahoy Per Vencido *
Dave Famous Quint Barnes Indy The Petrus Sessions *
Bruce Robison Bruce Robison Indy You and Me
Ian Lee Ian Lee Indy Xnahelo
Joe McColley Joe McColley Indy Flatpicking Classics
Mother Falcon Matt Puckett Indy Fireflies *
Eric Hungate Eric Hungate Indy Bluefoot *
OnWord Steve Crosby Indy I Will Follow You *
OnWord Steve Crosby Indy You Are My Peace *
Rick Hornyak Rick Hornyak Indy Marigold
Joey McGee Joey McGee Indy Love Is The Way *
Rachel Kays Daniel Kays Bar K Records Sweet 16 *
The Wooden Birds Andrew Kenny Indy Two Matchsticks
Willie Nelson & Kids Matt Hubbard Indy Wild Horses *
Cross Trails Band Johnny Condor Indy Forevermore *
Jesse Dayton Gary Moore Stag Records One For the Dance Halls
Mark Noviskie Mark Noviskie Indy Southern Gospel & More *
The Easy Love Serafia Jane Indy Blu Soul *
The Blood Royale Pete Bedesam Indy The Blood Royale
Kristin Hart Kristin Hart Northern Sky Rec. On Me *
Auroravore Michael Brown Indy Auroravore EP *
Karen Antone Karen Antone Silverleaf Rec. Falling Rain
Fair Weather Watchers Ginger Hebert Indy Out Past the Garden
Rick Cavender Rick Cavender Ring Planet New Sunrise *
Love's It Vaugh Walters Indy YAY! *
Jim Stricklan Jim Stricklan Front Door Music Blues for Stephen Foster
Coke Hendry Coke Hendry Silver Horse Music Bound For Glory *
Lisa Morales Lisa Morales Indy Beautiful Mistake
Bianca DeLeon Bianca DeLeon Indy Love, Blues, and Money *
Brandon Rhyder Ricky Brown Ambiance Artists Lord I Hope This Day Is Good
Brenda Freed Brenda Freed B. Freed Rec. Effortless Harmony Singing *
Anam Mila Anam Mila Indy reset
Brandon Jenkins Dave Pearcefull Yellow Dog Studios Brandon Jenkinsoo
Harmon Li Harmon Li Indy Harmon Li
The Broken Harps Jeff Bradley Indy The Broken Harps EP
Barefoot Mark Mark Cullimore Indy Let the Beast Run
Brenda Cohn Brenda Cohn Indy A Little Bit of Blue *
TC Taylor TC Taylor Indy Reverse This Country *
Bill Schoening Bill Schoening Bethany Records Second Chance
Jane Bryant Bill Bryant Indy Jane Bryant EP
Carolyn Wonderland / Guy Forsyth Bismeaux Rec. Indy Fireside Songs For the Soul

* Mastered by Nick Landis; all other projects mastered by Jerry Tubb

Artist: KGSR Broadcasts #18

Client: Emmis Corp

Label: KGSR Radio

Title: Broadcasts Live #18
Artist: Velvet Brick

Client: Rob Hinton

Label: Mesa Records

Title: Vices *
Artist: Miss Jeanie

Client: Lonnie Spiker

Label: Megalith Records

Title: Sweet Sarcastic *
Artist: Kevin Fowler

Client: Kevin Fowler

Label: Fowl Ball Ent.

Title: Best of... So Far
Artist: Shiny Empire

Client: Justin Marler

Label: Indy

Title: Sophia vs. World *
Artist: Theophany

Client: Brett McDonald

Label: Indy

Title: Night is Darkest...
Artist: Carrie Elkin

Client: Red House Records

Label: Red House Rec.

Title: Call It My Garden
Artist: Full Service

Client: Bonesaw Kepner

Label: Indy

Title: Roaming Dragons *
Artist: Arielle Nicole

Client: Arielle Nicole

Label: Indy

Title: This One's For You
Artist: Roadside Libby

Client: Andrew Van Winkle

Label: Indy

Title: Broke Down *
Artist: Bruce Robison

Client: Bruce Robison

Label: Indy

Title: You and Me
Artist: Joey McGee

Client: Joey McGee

Label: Indy

Title: Love Is The Way *
Artist: The Wooden Birds

Client: Andrew Kenny

Label: Indy

Title: Two Matchsticks
Artist: Jesse Dayton

Client: Gary Moore

Label: Stag Records

Title: One For the Dance Halls
Artist: The Easy Love

Client: Serafia Jane

Label: Indy

Title: Blu Soul *
Artist: Fair Weather Watchers

Client: Ginger Hebert

Label: Indy

Title: Out Past the Garden
Artist: Coke Hendry

Client: Coke Hendry

Label: Silver Horse Music

Title: Bound For Glory *
Artist: Carolyn Wonderland / Guy Forsyth

Client: Bismeaux Rec.

Label: Indy

Title: Fireside Songs For the Soul


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