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We have mastered over 13,000 projects since 1990, and with the growing number of clients, we have arranged the lists into a more manageable, detailed, and searchable data base for you. You will find repeats of a few, as some projects fall into several categories.

All the info that the client provides for us on each project has been included, but if you have more info on a project that you have done with us, please let us know and we will add that info. 

All projects mastered by Jerry Tubb except those followed by (*) mastered by Nick Landis

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Client List from 2010 - 2006
2013: Fourth Quarter
Artist Client Label Album Title
Jessie Berkowitz Jessie Berkowitz Indy Jessie Berkowitz *
Vallejo Al Vallejo Indy Brothers Brew *
Danny Malone Danny Malone Indy Speed Dreamer
Funeral Kab Derek Nordlof Indy Funeral Kab *
Politics-Sirens Steven Gonzales Indy Politics-Sirens
East 35 T. Murphey Opera House Street Educated *
Texas Sound Check Larry Netardus Indy It's Our Time *
Tim Curry-Will Dunlap Curry / Dunlap Indy Tim Curry-Will Dunlap
Trent Turner Trent Turner Indy Kickin' Some Ass
Byrd and Street Tommy Byrd Indy Words and Music
Strangers From Space Ray Rocuant Indy Galaxy of Terror
Norma Jean Tracy Pitcox Heart of Texas Rec. Aged To Perfection *
Berkshire Hounds Spencer Garland Indy Are Not Amused *
Doug Strahan Doug Strahan Indy Coal Black Dreams - Late Night Schemes
Willy Collins Band Josh Applebee Indy Building Bridges *
Michael Nance Vicki Holmes Evenbreak Rec. Me Me Me *
Jeff Hobbs & The Jacks Jeff Hobbs Indy Right With The Moonlight
Mark Bish Mark Bish Indy Spy vs. Spy *
KUTX-Live Vol. 2 Jeff McCord KUTX Radio KUTX-Live Vol. 2
Kabomba Bryce Gorski Indy Spring Loaded
Randy Sitzler Randy Sitzler Indy Whiskey Tenor
Fine Lion Eric Harrison Indy Fine Lion *
KGSR-Broadcasts Vol. 21 Emmis Corp. KGSR Radio Broadcasts Vol. 21
Union Hill Garrett Roper Indy Four Corners of Home
Zach Pohl Al Vallejo Indy Back To Zero *
Kevin & Rachel McCormick Kevin & Rachel McCormick Indy In Dulce Jubilo
King William Jazz Band Bill King Indy King William Jazz Collective
Doc Mason Doc Mason Indy Childs Play
Lannie Flowers Aaron Ave. Rec. Aaron Ave. Rec. Live Trash *
Waterloo Revival Jason Klann Indy Little Lightning
Mark Bish Mark Bish Indy Flight 19 *
Mark Bish Mark Bish Indy Monkey Island *
Mike Reardon Mike Reardon Indy Here I Am
Jay Williams Jay Williams Indy See The Light *
Blue October Mark A. Pariser Up-Down Records Bleed Out *
Chris Gage Chris Gage Indy Ornaments
The Scarlet Effect Joshua Black Indy The Scarlet Effect *
Serafia Jane Serafia Jane Evenbreak Rec. Touching My Soul *
Ella Scott Andre Venson Indy We Are God's Children *
Bill Reid Bill Reid Indy Solo Demos *
Eric Hanke Eric Hanke Indy I Fly My Flag
Sarah Pierce Sarah Pierce Indy A Dream As Big As Texas
Patrick Brooks Patrick Brooks Indy Passing Through
Los Texas Wranglers Ryan Rader Deep South Prod. Aye, Que Tan Bonita *
Ryan Gee Ryan Gee Indy Ryan Gee *
Joe King Carrasco Joe King Carrasco Indy Rucca
Drew Heaton Drew Heaton Gruene Room Rec. A Holy Disruption *
Malcolm Brown Malcolm Brown Indy For Ann
Spirit 105.9 Radio Mel Jones Spirit 105.9 Radio Spirit of Austin Christmas
South Austin Moonlighters Lonnie Trevino Indy Burn and Shine *
KP & The Boom Boom Nick Wong Indy KP & The Boom Boom *
Forever Town Danny Ramsey Indy Players and Dealers
John Henry McDonald John Henry McDonald Indy Sunshine In My Suitcase
The Meagles John Bush / L. Armstrong Indy Meaglize It
Those Poor Serfs Derek Kinsaul Indy Live at the Swan Dive *
Leslie Hyland Rodgers Leslie H. Rodgers Indy Love Notes
Lainey Wright Lainey Wright Indy These Merry Boys
Tom Harvey Tom Harvey Indy The Big Idea
Truax Band Truax Brothers Indy From Nashville To Texas
JJ Dynomite John Duff Indy High Wire
Phil & Debbie Jones Phil Jones Sunrise Ministries Landmarks
Lex Simon Lex Simon Indy Things We Hold Dear *
Leslie Hyland Rodgers Leslie H. Rodgers Indy Just Smile
Joe McDermott Joe McDermott Indy Kitty Fight Christmas *
Jared Pete Gile Pete Gile Indy Small Town Troubadour *
Sarah Golden Sarah Golden Indy The One I Love
Kirk Searcy Kirk Searcy Indy My Life Song *
Sean Orr / Mark Rubin Mark Rubin Indy Texas Fiddle - Okie Guitar
JMO & West Marshall Owen Indy No Scene To Steal *
Renee & The Walkaways Renee Indy The Holly Jollies
Erin Norris Erin Norris Indy The Convalescing Year *
J. Withrow J. Withrow Indy Anti-Typical
Desi d'Amani Desi d'Amani Indy Love Just
Evelyn Rubio Evelyn Rubio Indy Fue Asi - Meant To Be
Eli Funkenstein Eli Funkenstein Indy Funkenstein & Friends *
Greezy Wheels Cleve Hattersly Indy Don't Let Nobody Drive Your Car
Paul Keinarth Paul Keinarth Indy Paul Keinarth
Emily Morris Emily Morris Indy All Things Grow *
Jim Stricklan Jim Stricklan Front Porch Rec. Reflections
Todd Oxford Todd Oxford Indy Synaesthesia *
Youngblood Supercult Bailey Smith Indy Season of the Witch
Blue October Up-Down Records Up-Down Records Fear
Josef Pierre Josef Pierre Indy Delusions *

* Mastered by Nick Landis; all other projects mastered by Jerry Tubb

Artist: Vallejo

Client: Al Vallejo

Label: Indy

Title: Brothers Brew *
Artist: Politics-Sirens

Client: Steven Gonzales

Label: Indy

Title: Politics-Sirens
Artist: Byrd and Street

Client: Tommy Byrd

Label: Indy

Title: Words and Music
Artist: Norma Jean

Client: Tracy Pitcox

Label: Heart of Texas Rec.

Title: Aged To Perfection *
Artist: Willy Collins Band

Client: Josh Applebee

Label: Indy

Title: Building Bridges *
Artist: John Henry McDonald

Client: John Henry McDonald

Label: Indy

Title: Sunshine In My Suitcase
Artist: J. Withrow

Client: J. Withrow

Label: Indy

Title: Anti-Typical
Artist: Joe McDermott/strong>

Client: Joe McDermott

Label: Indy

Title: Kitty Fight Christmas *
Artist: Emily Morris

Client: Emily Morris

Label: Indy

Title: All Things Grow *
Artist: Jared Pete Gile

Client: Pete Gile

Label: Indy

Title: Small Town Troubadour *
Artist: KGSR-Broadcasts Vol. 21

Client: Emmis Corp.

Label: KGSR Radio

Title: Broadcasts Vol. 21
Artist: Union Hill

Client: Garrett Roper

Label: Indy

Title: Four Corners of Home
Artist: Waterloo Revival

Client: Jason Klann

Label: Indy

Title: Little Lightning
Artist: Kabomba

Client: Bryce Gorski

Label: Indy

Title: Spring Loaded
Artist: Mike Reardon

Client: Mike Reardon

Label: Indy

Title: Here I Am
Artist: Blue October

Client: Mark A. Pariser

Label: Up-Down Records

Title: Bleed Out *
Artist: Youngblood Supercult

Client: Bailey Smith

Label: Indy

Title: Season of the Witch
Artist: The Scarlet Effect

Client: Joshua Black

Label: Indy

Title: The Scarlet Effect *
Artist: Kevin & Rachel McCormick

Client: Kevin & Rachel McCormick

Label: Indy

Title: In Dulce Jubilo
Artist: Chris Gage

Client: Chris Gage

Label: Indy

Title: Ornaments
Artist: Joe King Carrasco

Client: Joe King Carrasco

Label: Indy

Title: Rucca
Artist: Los Texas Wranglers

Client: Ryan Rader

Label: Deep South Prod.

Title: Aye, Que Tan Bonita *
Artist: Lex Simon

Client: Lex Simon

Label: Indy

Title: Things We Hold Dear *
Artist: South Austin Moonlighters

Client: Lonnie Trevino

Label: Indy

Title: Burn and Shine *
Artist: Michael Nance

Client: Vicki Holmes

Label: Evenbreak Rec.

Title: Me Me Me *


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