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Information on CD Masters and Archival of Mastered Project


  • Remember that YOU are responsible for the PROOFING of your master BEFORE it is sent to manufacturing. Carefully read and understand the following information for best results. Terra Nova accepts no liability if these guidelines are not followed.
  • The CD-R PQ Master(s) that you have received is the CD that you will be sending to your manufacturing plant, accompanied with the time sheet provided.
  • This master is Red book, PQ coded, and has CD text embedded and is specifically coded for duplication.


  • You are responsible for the proofing of your masters PRIOR to sending off to manufacturing. Here is the procedure for proofing:
  1. Take one CD master, place in a single disc, drawer, or top loading stereo system.
  2. Listen to the disc from beginning to end - ONE time only.
  3. Listen, as if you are listening for the first time, and for any defects in the disc itself.
  4. If the disc meets with your approval, carefully remove from player and replace in the DVD case. This should be set aside to go to manufacturing. Do not play again.
  • Please do not do the following:
    Do not proof your masters in multi-disc changers, slot loading players, or automobile CD players. Reason: You do not want to scratch, or damage the disc you will be sending to manufacturing. Do not send reference discs, clones, copies, or any master that has been tampered with, to manufacturing. Do so at your own risk.

  • ISRC codes are now required by CD data bases to be functional on the internet. Please go to this website to apply: www.usisrc.org . If you wish for Terra Nova to embed this code in your masters, you must have the code with you to bring to mastering. It takes 5-7 business days to receive your code... Plan ahead!

  • Reference discs are merely audio references of the program. They are not CD-R - Red Book masters and have no meta data such as CD text, ISRC, etc. and have not been through Terra Nova quality control. They are only for listening to the audio of the program. Play anywhere. Not for duplication, replication, or for copies.

  • CD text is embedded into masters at Terra Nova. iTunes and Windows Media players do not read CD text directly from any CD. You must submit the text online to GRACENOTE (CDDB - CD Data Base) ) via iTunes menu. So, if you are looking for your CD text on the computer, you will NOT see it until you have accessed Gracenote and gone through their procedure. Ask your manufacturing representative about CD text and if their manufacturing has the capability of reproducing CD text on CD's.


  • At Terra Nova, we embed CD Text in the CD Masters. CD text is not a requirement for CD-R Masters and we program it in as a courtesy for our clients. Our engineers can show the CD text to you at the completion of the mastering session, so that you can see that the text has, in fact, been put on the masters.
  • Here are some things you need to know about CD Text:
  1. CD text is optional and not altogether important on a CD. iTunes and Windows Media player do not read CD text directly from your disc. Instead, they access internet databases such as Gracenote's CDDB (CD data base).
  2. Companies (or individuals) that duplicate or replicate CD's may NOT have the capability to reproduce CD text on your dupes or replicated CD's.
  3. It is the clients responsibility to make sure that the company that you use to reproduce your CD's can, in fact, program in the CD text. Take the time to make sure your chosen manufacturer can meet all your requirements.
  4. Some disc drives simply cannot read the CD text. This is not the fault of anyone or anything, it is just the nature of the technology and the numerous different software and equipment used to duplicate, reproduce, or read CD's or the text. There is, at this time, no way to ensure that all CD text can be read by all players.
  5. If CD text is an issue for you, and you have to have it on your duplicated CD's... it is your responsibility to bring this issue up with your CD duplicator or your replication plant, and have your duplicator run test copies for you.
  • You have now been informed as to the nature of CD text and proofing of your masters. Our company policies are on our web site and each client receives all written information on the care, handling, and proofing of masters, as well as other pertinent information on our procedures. It is the clients responsibility to read all information provided by Terra Nova.

  • Liability Waiver:
    TERRA NOVA DIGITAL AUDIO, INC. is not responsible, and will not accept any liability for any costs paid or incurred by anyone for the duplication, replication, or copies of CD or DVD masters made by Terra Nova Digital Audio, Inc. Due to the fact the we have no control after the masters leave our business premises, we can only advise the clients as to the care and proofing of masters. The client is solely responsible for the choice of companies or individuals used for duplication, replication or any reproduction of their masters, as well as the costs incurred for those services.


  • Play these anywhere! These are NOT for manufacturing, and are not CD masters. Reference discs are burned at a high speed and are only $10 each. Ask our engineer to burn a REF for you to play in your car, computer or elsewhere.


  • If you wish us to archive the mastered version of your project in our DVD data backup archive, there is a fee of $25 (per project) for us to do so. Please let the staff know at the end of the session, otherwise the project is erased from our system after seven days.
  • If you opt for the archive, you may contact us at any time in the future and order new masters of that project. The cost of the masters will be the same as the original masters (see you original invoice from that session to determine the costs of new masters).
  • Additional fees will be applied for projects archived prior to 2003.
  • Regular hourly rates apply for any changes to the original program. Please ask our staff if you have any questions or concerns.

Terra Nova Mastering makes every effort  to provide the most recent, up to date information that we have available. As of June 2008, this is the current procedure, as things change, we will try to provide the latest info.

If you do not understand this information, please contact a staff member to explain.

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