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Digital and Analog Audio Mastering and Editing -
Archival and Restoration - Studio

We master for virtually any audio format including: DVD audio, DVD video, DVD music discs, 5.1 surround sound or stereo 2.0 , CD, cassette, and vinyl duplication. Mastering is compatible with various audio media including: radio, television, and film. Mastering is compatible with computer audio formats, sound bites, web sounds, MP3, etc.  

  • Digital and Analog Mastering and Editing
  • Digital formats accepted: DVD,  CD 16 & 24 bit, wav., AIFF, 44.1 k  to 96 k
  • Transfers from these analog formats:  1/4” & 1/2” Tape, cassette tape, and vinyl
  • Re-mastering from these formats:  Analog / DVD / CD / DAT / Vinyl / Cassette
  • Archiving and Restoration - direct transfers, editing, mastering, clean up - any format
  • Mastering /editing for radio play, web sites, sound bites
  • Ask about other special services

Digital / Analog Formats accepted:
(You may bring your final mixes on the following)

  • For DVD mastering: Preferably 24 bit - 48 k or 96 k , but we can make any format work.
  • For Digital CD mastering : 24 bit HR (High Resolution) AIFF or wav. files - up to 96 k is best  but 16 bit , 44.1 k audio CD is acceptable. Also, data CD.
    • Hard Drives : Firewire is preferable, but USB 2 will work as well .
    • Also, DATs or cassettes if nothing else is available
  • For Analog final mixes :  1/2 or 1/4 inch  reel to reel ,  up to 30 ips .
  • To master from vinyl : Preferably virgin vinyl , but if not possible, the cleanest, least damaged vinyl you can find.  

If you have your final mixes on mini - disc, you must bring the mini-disc player to the session as well. This is not a preferred format and if at all possible, try to bring in one of the above formats instead.

If you do not find the format that you have your final mixes on  in the list above, you must consult with us on what you will be bringing to the session. Your session will go much smoother if we know what formats we will be mastering from.  


Consultations are encouraged if you have concerns about your recordings or mixes. The consultations are scheduled through the business office with Diane or Mary, as a regular session would be scheduled, and there is a minimum of 30 minutes at the engineer's regular hourly rate. You may consult with the engineer about anything that you wish , for example:  production issues, sound quality of mixes, etc.

FTP your Mixes

You may want to FTP a mix or an entire project to us. Here are some guidelines and information on this procedure:
Nick Landis is the engineer that is in charge of the FTP service at Terra Nova.

  1. Send us an email requesting an account number for FTP. Response to your requests are handled Monday thru Friday, (first come, first served), but as quickly as possible and as the server becomes available.
  2. Include the following in your email:
  • your name
  • your contact phone number
  • studio name and address
  • engineers name that mixed the project
  • number of songs you are sending
  • include the title of the album (or project)
  • track numbers and name of each track
  • name of artist or band
  • Tell us if your upload is a " mix check" or if the project is ready to go for mastering.
  1. We will send you (by email) an account number and specific instructions on how to upload to us. After we receive the upload completely, we will contact you to let you know it has arrived.
  2. You need to know the following: BE ADVISED
    If you have scheduled a session (attended or not) for a specific date, your FTP must reach us at least 48 hours (in its entirety) PRIOR to the scheduled session.
    If you start your upload at the time of the scheduled session... you will be charged the regular engineer hourly rate as that FTP comes in, from beginning time of upload to completion of the upload, plus the regular hourly engineer rate for the mastering of the entire project. This could add a considerable amount of charges to your mastering session, as well as slowing down the process.
    If the client has brought in a final mix format that we are not able to work from, or are the wrong mixes, someone can FTP a corrected mix ( or mixes ), but we will be charging regular hourly rates during the upload.
    There are no charges for uploads that are free from issues, however, if our engineers have to spend more that 15 minutes on advising on an upload, we have to start charging the regular hourly rates for that engineer. You will be alerted to the fact that charges are beginning.
  3. If you do not understand the directions for upload to us, it is your responsibility to contact us immediately for more instruction. Do not wait until the last minute before the session. If you find that the FTP is not working for you and your situation, let us know, and just put the mixes on a disc and send by mail.
  4. We can upload a reference audio back to you after the mastering session is complete, but the charges on your invoice, up to that point in the process, must be paid in full before we upload to you. You will then listen to the reference and email back to us any changes, tweeks, etc. that you may wish.
  5. FTP is an inexpensive and efficient way to keep the costs down on a mastering project, if you follow our procedures.
  6. We do not FTP final masters. Those will be sent to you by Federal Express.

Vocabulary for Mastering

Click here for some definitions of terms used in the mastering process...



"Grazioso Ritmo"
Acrylic on canvas by Diane Tubb
www.dianetubbart.com 2008

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