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Quotes & Scheduling

Quotes and Scheduling


To get a quote on your upcoming project, you may contact us by phone, fax, e-mail, or US mail. The quote that we give you is only an estimate of costs and time involved for the project you request a quote on. Remember that each and every project is completely different and there are variables that must be factored into the quote.

We will need the following information, so have all your info before you contact us.

  1. Your name, address, city, state, zip, phone (day and evening), fax, e-mail, and web address.
  2. Services that you will require. (Ex: CD mastering, DVD Surround, archival project, restoration, editing, etc.)
  3. Name of artist, band, record label, producer.
  4. Type of recording: (Ex: studio recording, compilation, spoken word, etc. )
  5. Name of studio and engineer where project was recorded and mixed
  6. Length of recorded program (approx. in minutes)
  7. Number of tracks or songs on each format (if more than one)
  8. Final mix format that you will send us. ( Ex: CD-16 bit, wave files, analog tape 1/2” or 1/4” / 30 IPS, etc.)
  9. Deadline for your project (date)
  10.  Will this be a session that you will attend, a "Project By Mail," or a studio drop off?
  11.  What are we mastering for: (CD duplication, DVD , vinyl, radio play, cassette duplication, film score, tv, etc)
  12.  Your mastering engineer preference: Jerry Tubb / alternate engineer
  13.  General genre of music of project : (Ex: jazz, country, R&B, folk, rock, metal, etc.)
  14.  Number of masters that you will need
  15. Will you want to archive the completed project with Terra Nova
  16.  Party responsible for payment of project. All projects will be PAID IN FULL before they are released. We accept Visa / MC
  17.  If you need a written estimate or bid, please give us two days to process

Scheduling A Session

  • To book a session at Terra Nova, you may contact us initially by phone, fax, e-mail, or snail mail. Diane Tubb is the head of Business Operations, and you must schedule through Diane.

  • If you refer to the Quotes section, the list of information that she will need from you is essentially the same, so have that info ready to give to her.

  • “Timing is everything,” so it is said, and booking your session at least two weeks in advance should get you the slot that you need. Remember that you want a few days (if possible) between completing your final mixes, and coming in for mastering. This gives you a few days to know if your mixes sound right for you.

  • After you set a session with Diane, you will receive a packet of info via snail mail. In this packet will be your session confirmation sheet, directions to the studio, and several other pieces of info that you will want to read through.

  • You may book as far in advance as you wish. Please note there are certain times of the year that book heavily, due to factors such as holidays, SXSW deadlines, etc.

  • You should check with your CD manufacturing plant and find out what their turn around time is, and when they need your CD master to meet your deadline for finished CD’s. You should also know that you must present your masters and your graphics ( for your album inserts) to the manufacturing plant together (unless other arrangements are made.) The timing sheet that we will give you, will be the times that will be on your CD insert and a copy of that will go to your graphic artist.

  • We try to accommodate your schedule as much as we can, but try to plan as far in advance as possible.

  • Saturday sessions must be booked a month in advance. Saturday session rates are considerably higher than weekdays rates. No Sunday sessions.

  • Cancellations. Our policy is as follows on cancellations. You must call us (directly) 48 hours BEFORE your scheduled session and let us know that you will have to cancel. If you fail to call and cancel , that is considered a “NO SHOW” and there is a non-refundable fee to reschedule a session.
    No exceptions.

  • Deposit: We require a $100.00 non-refundable deposit to hold any session booked at Terra Nova. This deposit will hold your session and be deducted from your invoice total at the completion of the session. Please have your VISA or MC number ready to give to Diane or Mary at the time of scheduling. We need the card #, the expiration date, and the zip code of the billing address. An invoice for the deposit will be made and the card processed for $100.00. The paid invoice with the cc receipt will be mailed to you, for your records. The client understands that if there is a cancellation, no refund of the deposit will be made. If the client books the session at least two weeks prior to the session, we will accept a check, money order, or cash. Please understand that if you choose to send a check , money order or cash, we must receive the  payment of the deposit within 2 days after we schedule your session. We will then contact you and you will need to give us a credit card number at that time. Session time with an engineer is at a premium and we want to make it possible for everyone to meet their deadlines.

  • Song Title and Sequence Form: Please print out this form , fill out completely, and bring with you to your session. The engineer will need this form in the
    session. Please type or print clearly.
    PDF icon Adobe Acrobat .pdf  word icon Microsoft Word .doc

  • ISRC Codes:International Standard Recording Code. An electronic tag attached to each individual audio track. The ISRC codes are embedded in your final masters by the mastering engineer. The client must apply for these codes PRIOR to the mastering session. We do not have these codes! These codes are not required by any agency. It is only an option for the client. Please go to this website to apply: www.usisrc.org. When you receive your code, please bring, send, or contact Terra Nova staff with your code. We will need the code for the mastering session to embed in your masters. 

  • UPC Codes ( Bar Code) : If the client is going to want a UPC
    or bar code embedded in the masters, bring the code with you to the
    mastering session. The CD manufacturing plant, your distributor, or
    record label may provide this code to you, otherwise you must purchase
    the code. We do not have these codes.
    For more information: www.uc-council.org

Please note: If you know what  your deadlines for CD masters are, you should PLAN, PLAN, PLAN !  The sooner you call and schedule your session, the less stress you will encounter when you reach the mastering phase of your project ! 

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